Job Title Primary organization Secondary organization Workplace
绿化管理员 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
消防管理员 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
车队 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
行政专员 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
维修 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
食堂 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
公寓 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
安保 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
成本会计 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
基础会计 研发中心 火箭研发部 Beijing
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Talent Growth

  • 01
    New employee

    Understand landspace, quickly integrate

    Platform for new employees to understand the company, understand the industry, and quickly integrate into the company's culture

  • 02

    Embrace your dreams, set sail with passion

    Help grassroots employees grow, tap their potentials, and broaden their horizons

  • 03
    Voyage series

    Cultivating professional, long way to go

    Focus on the cultivation of key employees, deepen business knowledge and enhance professional skills

  • 04
    Escort Series

    Attack with all your strength and accompany

    Pay attention to the competence needs of first-line managers and successfully complete the role change

  • 05
    Pilot series

    Looking ahead and leading the future

    Focus on the leadership development of middle and senior managers, forge outstanding leadership talents