The final assembly of first-stage engines for the ZQ-2 launcher completed

2021-02-03 18:52:52 LANDSPACE

Recently, LandSpace completed the assembly of the first-ever, first-stage engines for the ZQ-2 liquid carrier rocket (ZQ-2).

Being composed of four (04) TQ 80-ton LOX+LCH4 engines (TQ-12) in cluster, the first-stage engines of ZQ-2 can produce 268 tons of lift-off thrust. Each TQ engine steers only in the direction tangential to the rocket body, with a sway angle of ±8°, enabling more effective attitude control during a rocket flight.


Following breakthroughs in key technology achieved in the early development phase, LandSpace enters the phase of reliability verification and mass production.

As modular design is employed in the system general layout and pipeline design of the four engines, the first-stage engine system is divided into a four-engine module and a single-engine module. Their interfaces, being mutually independent, can be assembled simultaneously in light of the production progress to improve the flexibility of production, and facilitate mass production of components and engines.

Besides, the modular design allows for the replacement of some components or even a whole engine for significantly better performance and maintainability.


The completion of assembly depicts the whole conception of the engines for ZQ-2's maiden flight has been fully made into reality. This first-stage engines will face the first-stage propulsion system test to verify its performance. Now, a complete line-up of TQ engines marks another major step towards the maiden flight of the engine.

And the combination of TQ engines and ZQ-2 launcher gives the promise of an epic voyage.