ZQ-1 launcher’s anomaly investigation

2019-03-12 11:46:41 LANDSPACE 74

27-28 Oct., 2018, LandSpace made preliminary analysis and investigation into an anomaly suffered by the ZQ-1 launcher’s the third stage based on the rapid process data of the flight.

The interpretation of data illustrates that the normal flight of the first stage and the first stage and the second stage’s separation, the normal flight of the second stage and the separation of second and third stage as well as the fairing separation works normally after the ignition and lift-off of the rocket; both the gliding phase and the rocket flight after the main engine of the third stage’s ignition are normal. The max flight altitude is 337km and top velocity is 6300m/s.

After the third stage works about 37s (corresponding to the total flight time 402s), the main engine works normally; however, the attitude control force is abnormal and the propellant is exhausted in advance. It is doubted that a damaged pipe in a thrust chamber of the terminal correction attitude control system resulted in the decrease of control force and the leakage of propellant. Further information in details for an anomaly investigation will be reported to you in a timely manner.


a photo took by the camera installed on the ZQ-1 launcher.