1000 seconds! The successof long-run test of gas generator

2019-03-12 13:56:48 LANDSPACE 26

      The hot-fire test with 1000s duration for the gas generator of the 8t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE(TQ-11) successfully performed on 18th January.

Intensive examinations for this model of gas generator has been carried out on LandSpace’s self-built test platform during 16-18 January, with the test covering the nominal working condition, high and low working conditions, high and low mix rotios. The longest single test reached 1000s duration, comprehensively verified the validity of the design of gas generator, the process and quality.


The results from the first round tests indicate that the burning efficiency and the temperature homogeneity are both higher than the designed performances and the time sequences of ignition and shut-down are reasonable. The same batch of gas generators will be used in the turbo-pump joint test and the full system test run of TQ-11 LOX+LCH4 LREs.

This is another significant progress of TQ series of LOX+LCH4 LREs after the successful conduction of gas generator for 80t LOX+LCH4 LRE. TQ-11 LOX+LCH4 LREs equiped as the ZQ-2’s second stage Verniers (4 thrust chamber structure), together with 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE ‘TQ-12’, will form the key propulsion system of the ZQ-2 Liquid-propellant launch vehicle.


The rapid progress of the gas generation’s duration test run fully demonstrates the unique advantage of the test platform for the full LRE system self-built by LandSpace.

  The self-built test platform does not only ensure the R&D progress of LOX+LCH4 LRE, but also guarantees LandSpace’s pioneering position in the LOX+LCH4 LRE R&D field, Meanwhile, it also fills the gap for the Chinese LOX+LCH4 LRE’s run test facilities.

   Since January of 2019, the total accumulated time duration for various firing test conducted in the LandSpace’s self-built hot-fire run test platform has reached 1500s. This hot fire test platform is equipped with thermal test facilities for full system and components, ensuring fast, high efficiency, low cost research of LOX+LCH4 LRE and services to the related universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises, contributing to the development of high and new technologies for military and civil high-tech.