Satellite launch service

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           Land Space Technology Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Land Space) is a Chinese private aerospace enterprise engaged in the R&D and operations of launch vehicles. Focusing on small and medium scale commercial aerospace application market, Land Space is devoted to the development of Liquid-fuel Rocket Engines (LREs) and low-cost commercial launch vehicles with independent intellectual property rights. Currently, LandSpace has developed the ZQ-1 and ZQ-2 launcher. In the future of 

ZQ-1, a three-stage solid propellant launch vehicle, has performed its maiden flight in Oct 2018 in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Satellite. 

ZQ-2: it would be the first model of the LOX+LCH4 liquid launcher and performed its maiden flight at the end of year 2020. Start of its commercial flight in 2021.

ZQ-2 Dev schedule:

2019.03 Scheme design review

2020.03 Preliminary design review and the launcher test model commencement

2020.10 Launcher system Assembly finish

2020.11 System test finish

2020.11 Pre-shipment Review

2020.12 Transport to launch site; Ready for launch

 ZQ-2A, ZQ-2B, ZQ-2C will be evolved based on the ZQ-2, by adding enlarged fairing and a third stage, and 2 and 4 strapped boosters, respectively.

Our mission is to make the launch of your small satellite as simple and ‘easy’ as possible, for you. We can offer you a complete package deal, taking care of all the aspects of the launch, or we can offer you a solution tailored to your specific needs.

ISL offers regular piggyback launch opportunities for microsatellites, nanosatellites, and CubeSats, to low earth orbit or beyond, on a variety of different launch vehicles. Different orbit types and specific launch periods may also be available on request.

If you would like to receive a launch offer please fill in the form or send an email to  HYPERLINK "" \t "_top"

  Launch services

Launch TT&C, insurance placement, S/C-LV interface coordination, financial arrangement.

B   Technical solutions

Offering system and subsystem technical demonstration, consultation, and system design etc.

  Component products and services

Offering launcher-relevant propulsion systems, launcher structure systems, ground test and control support systems. The development and technical service of TCR system, software and hardware and other products for launcher development

  Customized service program

Customized satellite service and supporting launch vehicle development and launch as requested.