Launch of the LandSpace ZQ-1 on October 27,2018

2018-11-02 17:12:17 LANDSPACE 53

LandSpace’s three-stage solid launch vehicle Zhuque-1 (ZQ-1) lifted off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 1600hrs on October 27, 2018 (Beijing time).

The first and second stages separation and the fairing separation worked normally after the rocket take-off; while the third stage suffered an issue.

LandSpace is investing and analyzing the technical issues resulted from the third stage failureand will release the related news to the public after restoring the whole flight process based on the telemetry data collected from Satellite Launch Center.

LandSpace’s CEO Mr. Zhang Changwu stated that ZQ-1’s flight process achieved a comparatively satisfactory result and a desired test target. It was an opportunity for LandSpace’s team to accumulate massive experience and obtain the precious data from ZQ-1’s flight process, to continue to design and build ZQ-1 launcher’s improved model and development of ZQ-2 launcher.

 The launch of ZQ-1 features the first real meaningful orbital flight performed by a private-owned company in the Chinese Space history prior to its counterpart companies. LandSpace is the earliest private launcher company that has acquired the overall mandatory qualifications for the Chinese space industry access. Meanwhile, LandSpace was issued with the first ‘Chinese Civil Aerospace Launch License’ for a private launch vehicle by China National Space Administration.

图片关键词Launch of the LandSpace Zhuque-1 Solid-propellant Launcher on October 27,2018