The assembly of “Tianque” ( TQ-12) 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4,independently developed by LandSpace, w

2019-05-15 20:06:51 LANDSPACE 50

   The assembly of “TQ-12” 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE, independently developed by LandSpace, was completed in the intelligent manufacturing factory of LandSpace’s Huzhou Branch recently.

   “TQ-12” adopts both the design concept of modular and integration:

To improve the universality and extendibility

To optimize assembly processes of LRE

To shorten assembly cycle

To reduce the quantity of assembly components

To lower the cost and increase the use maintenance

In the development process of LRE fully adopted advanced manufacturing technology, like the 3D printing, laser welding and digital tube bending and system to efficiently improve the pipeline assembly quality and shorten the assembly cycle.

Up to now, the various components of “TQ-12” 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE engine has been validated by cold-state experiment, extrusion heat experiment as well as power-pack test.