LandSpace successfully conducted the full system hot firing for“TQ-12”, the first 80t-thrust-level L

2019-05-18 00:08:04 LANDSPACE 37

The full system hot firing for “TQ-12”, the first 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE in China, was successfully conducted in Huzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Factory of LandSpace. “TQ-12”, as the world’s third model of LOX+LCH4 LRE, is developed independently by LandSpace.

“TQ-12” engine has been carried out four times hot firing test runs in this week, with the longest run-time about 20 seconds. The stable and rapid initial start and shutting down of the engine, along with relative appropriate parameters in test run period, manifests that the performance of the engine meets the qualifications.


As the highest thrust level of bipropellant cryogenic LRE in China, the highlights of "TQ-12” rocket engine includes non-toxic, high-reliability, high-performance, low-cost, easy-operation and reusability, which is the evolution direction of the main rocket engine. The success of the test run demonstrates that Chinese private launch vehicle company, LandSpace has owned all of key technologies for the development of 100t thrust level LRE. 


“TQ-12” engine is designed with a sea level thrust of 67t and a sea level vacuum thrust of 76t as well as vacuum thrust 80t. The General Manager of LandSpace’s propulsion system department Ge Minghe stated that this engine’s thrust level could cover the single propulsion system of small launch vehicles up to middle launch vehicles and even to heavy launch vehicles. Those features decided its giant commercial prospects.

“TQ-12 “ has completed several critical tests, including gas generator test run, thrust chamber with short nozzle configuration test run, power-pack test since the development of “TQ-12” engine in 2017. The full system hot firing for TQ-12 was successfully conducted, marking the significant breakthrough for China private launch vehicle company on the high thrust level LRE, successfully verifying closed-loop of design, R&D, manufacturing, production, assembly and test process of high thrust level LRE.

LandSpace publicly released its technological roadmap of the ‘80t+10t’ Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Methane rocket propulsion system in July of 2018. “ZQ-12” 80t engine will be used in the first and second stage of ZQ-2 launcher and 10t engine in the third stage of ZQ series liquid propellant launch vehicles. This roadmap covers the full liquid methane launch vehicle family, such as rockets from small to large and even to heavy rockets by parallel combination of two types of engines. The successful run test of full system hot firing for TQ-12 demonstrates the comprehensive mastery of the development capability and the cover of thrust level gap from 10t to 100t LOX+LCH4 LRE for LandSpace.

TQ-12 engine is the third model of high thrust level liquid oxygen and liquid methane rocket engine in the world, following another 2 models of LOX+LCH4 engines, the US SpaceX’s Raptor engine and the Blue-origin’s BE-4 engine.

As the first private company in China that has completed the full system hot firing for 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE, LandSpace is the third company in the world to master the key technology of high thrust level LRE. In addition, the full system hot firing for 80t-thrust -level LOX+LCH4 LRE not only indicates the breakthroughs in key technology fields for LandSpace, but also plays the role for the powerful supplement to Chinese space industry and contribution for the Chinese capability access to Space in real action, announced by LandSpace’s CEO, Roger Zhang.