100% Thrust 100-Second Test Run of "TQ" 80-Ton Liquid-Oxygen-Methane (LOX/LCH4) Engine Successfully

2019-11-06 16:53:58 LANDSPACE 45

Recently, the 100% thrust test run of the TQ-12 liquid-oxygen-methane (LOX/LCH4) engine
of LandSpace (Land Space Technology Corporation Ltd.) was successfully
completed, with the longest duration reaching 100 seconds.

During this round of test run, the engine started and shut down quickly and smoothly, and the measured performance data was better than the design. Several innovative technologies such as the engine system design scheme, startup and shutdown procedures, nozzle laser welding, high-efficiency turbopump, turbopump fluid dynamic pressure seal, and new valve dynamic seal have been fully tested, and the test bed of 100-ton liquid rocket engine has also been verified.


In May 2019, the TQ-12 engine system successfully underwent 20-second test run, and the correctness and rationality of the technical scheme got verified. The 100-second rated test run was successfully completed, and several key technical parameters met the flight design requirements, further examining the engine production quality and structural reliability, and approaching the flight requirements.










10.1 MPa


Table 1: 100%-thrust 100-second test run data of TQ-12 engine

TQ-12 engine is the dual-propellant cryogenic liquid rocket engine with the largest thrust in China at present. The engine has the characteristics of reusability, non-toxicity, environment-friendliness, high reliability, high performance, low cost, easy operation and so on. It is in line with the development trend of aerospace propulsion technology.

According to the plan, TQ-12 engine will be subjected to limit working conditions, limit boundary conditions and long-term test run in the future to strictly check its design and manufacturing quality. In the future, TQ-11 and TQ-12LOX/LCH4 engines will form the propulsion system of “ZQ-2" launch vehicle.